The Hot Air Jubilee is quickly approaching, and to say we are excited would be an understatement. We are loving all of the posts on the Hot Air Jubilee Facebook and Instagram pages, and as usual, we are calling out to Mother Nature to bring us perfect ballooning weather! 

We shared our first round of Hot Air Jubilee tips not too long ago, but we thought of a few more to keep in mind as you plan your visit to the festival!

6) The one thing you need for the festival is a lot of patience. Some years see weather that allows for many launches, and recently there was a year that had none. All balloon flights are weather permitting and governed by Federal Aviation Administration. The festival pilots will not be able to fly if it is not safe to do so. Festival staff and volunteers can not change this. Pilots can not change this. The only one in control here? Mother Nature. So make sure you bring plenty of patience along for the weekend. (And some kindness for all of those that make the festival run smoothly, too!)

7) Coming to watch a launch? We recommend bringing along a chair to sit in, some snacks for the kiddos, and maybe even an activity to keep them entertained. If you have never watched a launch before, you need to know that it can take a long time to go from set-up to launch, and this wait can be hard on the kids. Come prepared, and everyone will have more fun!

8) While not officially part of the festival, we highly recommend attending the Media Flight on Thursday at 6:00 p.m. at Ella Sharp Park. Some years this is the only flight that has been able to launch – and trust me when I say not many visitors attend this one. If you are looking for a less crowded opportunity to hopefully see a flight, this is your best bet!

9) Turn this fun festival into a learning opportunity for the kids! Check out some books on hot air balloons from the Jackson District Library, or check out this website to learn more about the science behind hot air balloons!

The Hot Air Jubilee is July 23-25, 2021 at Ella Sharp Park. Head to the festival page for the full event schedule and further information!

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