Mark your calendar, because the Hot Air Jubilee is back for another year! Scheduled for July 23-25, 2021 at Ella Sharp Park, this event is one of our favorites! From the colorful balloons to the friendly pilots, to the vendors and events that occur throughout the festival, we look forward to this event every year.

If you’ve never attended the Hot Air Jubilee before, there are a few key things to know:

1) The balloon launches are 100% dependent on the weather. Balloons must have perfect conditions to launch safely, and well, Mother Nature isn’t always on their side. I recommend closely following the Hot Air Jubilee Facebook Page, as they post multiple updates before a possible launch to help festival-goers stay up-to-date. I usually watch the Facebook page for launch updates, and as soon as they post: “The launch is a go!” I get in my car and head to the park. 

2) Sometimes, even if the balloons can’t launch, the pilots will still be able to inflate them on the field. Again, these updates will be posted on the festival page. In our experience, when this happens, pilots are often able to engage with the crowd, and one even invited Big to climb in the basket to see what it was like!

3) There are morning and evening launches during the festival. Evening launches tend to be more crowded, and when there are long lines to park. Morning launches are our favorite. The weather is still cool, the crowds are much smaller, and you can get a close parking spot! (But be warned, these happen early in the morning – perfect for your kiddos who are early risers.) If you head to the park in the morning, just note that the kid’s kingdom and the vendors are usually not open yet!

4) Pilots aren’t able to offer rides to the event attendees. If you are interested in a balloon ride, the Hot Air Jubilee Facebook page has contact information for local pilots.

5) There is nothing like the thrill of seeing the balloons take off. Fingers crossed for perfect ballooning weather this year!

The Hot Air Jubilee is July 23-25, 2021 at Ella Sharp Park. Head to the festival page for the full event schedule and further information!

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