If you are looking for the perfect place to bike, hike, scooter, and explore, then look no further than the Falling Waters Trail, located in Jackson, Michigan. This kid-friendly trail connects Jackson to Concord, Michigan via a well-maintained paved trail that was once a railway. The Falling Waters trail also connects to the MLK Equality Trail. Perfect for all seasons, the Falling Waters Trail is especially scenic in autumn, thanks to all of the mature trees and foliage that line the path. Keep reading for more details!

Location Name: Falling Waters Trail

Address: Trailhead Parking can be found at 3720 Weatherwax Drive, Jackson, Mi (follow the sidewalk to reach the trail – only 960 feet away!)

Why we love it: Smooth path with scenic views, we love that the trail has plenty of shade for hot days and that it is the perfect trail for so many activities!

Features: 10.5 miles of paved trail connecting Jackson to Concord, natural foliage and wildflowers along the path, bathrooms, and rental bikes available at the trailhead

“Big’s Review”: This is a good walking trail, and is also good for bikes and strollers. My favorite way to go on this trail is speeding on my scooter. Don’t forget to pack some snacks!

Elizabeth’s Suggestion: If you don’t own a bike, rent your own (see link above), and see where the trail takes you. I also recommend starting at the Concord end – it is simply stunning, with Kalamazoo River views.

Toddler Approved? Yes.

Stroller friendly? Yes.

Big Kid Approved? Yes.

Full Sun or Shade? A little of each.

Restroom? Yes – at the trailhead.

Cost? Parking and trail are free. Bike rental fees can be found here.

Parking? Ample parking at the trailhead lot.

Hours: Dusk until dawn.

Website: https://www.co.jackson.mi.us/1218/Falling-Waters-Trail

Closing Review: The Falling Waters Trail is one of our favorite trails in Jackson. You can usually find us walking the trail with the stroller, but we like to pack plenty of snacks and water and see how far we can make it. Everyone we pass is friendly, giving a smile or hello and it is fun to see all of the bikers, runners, and even rollerbladers on the trail! 

Falling Waters Trail – Jackson, Michigan
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