As many people are aware, there is a huge issue happening in our country right now thanks to a formula shortage. Parents have been scouring stores trying to find what they need to keep their baby’s nourished, but many are feeling the strain of this shortage. Enter: Formula Shortage Jackson Michigan.

Created by Dr. Libby Cross and Lynsay Lobdell, Formula Shortage Jackson Michigan is on a mission to help all parents of infants in Jackson County safely feed their babies during this crisis. After chatting with Dr. Cross, I wanted to put together a blog post to help spread the word about this group that is working hard to help.

Keeping Infants Safe and Healthy during the formula shortage

Safety is the Number One Goal

Dr. Cross noted that their group has three main goals:

  1. For all parents of infants to be able to safely feed their babies
  2. Promote and support breastfeeding as much as possible right now to conserve formula for those that are most in need.
  3. To increase education during this crisis to keep infants safe

Did you know that infant mortality in Jackson is higher than most of our state? It is so important to come together to spread correct information and assistance during this crisis. With over 2,000 infants in Jackson right now, this information is crucial to share with our audience.

Action Steps

Whether you are a parent in need of formula, or a person looking to help, here are some action steps to take:

  1. Join the Formula Shortage Jackson Michigan Facebook group, and join their Shelf-Stock group to see real-time store updates.
  2. If you are a mom looking to establish a supply, restart lactation, or get your supply to increase, message the Formula Shortage Jackson Michigan Facebook page.
  3. If you need formula, reach out to Salena Taylor of Partial to Girls (a Jackson non-profit), or fill out this form for FSJM.
  4. Formula Shortage Jackson Michigan is accepting donations of the following:
    -Used breast pumps
    -Any supplies breastfeeding related
    Donations can be dropped off at Lean Rocket Lab & Fortress Cafe during their business hours
  1. Other items for babies, such as diapers and wipes, can be donated to Salena Taylor of Partial to Girls
  2. FSJM will be sharing more information on their page related to safe breastmilk sharing processes.

Thank you for working together to keep all babies in Jackson County fed and safe!

For more information on organizations working to impact youth in our community, check our our social impact series called “Five Questions”.

Formula Shortage Jackson Michigan

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