When “Little” was a baby and had trouble falling asleep, I would take him out for long drives on back roads, and this was how I accidentally came across Ready County Park. You can find this park on the other side of Big Portage Lake, and since this is a county park there is no admission fee! Keep reading to learn what makes this park a must-visit location.

Location Name: Ready County Park
Address: 6990 Portage Lake Road
Waterloo Township, MI 49259
Why we love it: Every time we have visited, we have found that this park is not very busy. It has space to roam, a play area for the kiddos, and is perfect for wading or swimming!
Features: Playground, swings, including one infant swing and one inclusive swing, picnic tables, charcoal grills, portable toilet, swimming area (no lifeguards), and boat/canoe launch
“Big’s Review”: This is a nice park that is fun to play at. The slide is a really cool slide. The water is nice, too.
Elizabeth’s Suggestion: Bring a change of clothes for the kids, because they will inevitably end up wet even if you weren’t planning on swimming.
Toddler Approved? Yes – thanks to one toddler swing. Little found that this park had plenty of space for roaming.
Stroller friendly? There are no paved paths, but you can still push the stroller over the grassy areas
Big Kid Approved? Yes
Full Sun or Shade? There is a good mix of both
Restroom? One portable toilet
Cost? Free
Parking? Plenty of parking available
Hours: Dusk until dawn
Website: https://www.co.jackson.mi.us/Facilities/Facility/Details/Portage-Lake-County-Park-20
Closing Review: Ready Park is often our destination when the kids need to get outside to play, but we want a less crowded park. The park area keeps Big entertained, and the green space gives Little an area to roam. Ready Park is off the beaten path, and we love it for that!

Go Jump in a Lake or Play at a Park – Ready County Park
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