Located six miles northeast of Jackson, the Haehnle Sanctuary is a true gem. Known for Sandhill Crane viewing, I stumbled upon this location by accident years ago as we drove past to go to Big Portage Lake. After doing some Google research, I finally visited the sanctuary and could not believe the beauty that awaited me. Big and I have been back multiple times, and we agree that this is one of the most beautiful places to visit! The Haehnle Sanctuary has a beautiful history, so we recommend researching this gorgeous place before you visit!

Location Name: Haehnle Sanctuary
Address: The Haehnle Sanctuary is 6 miles northeast of Jackson, MI., on Seymour Road.
For use of your GPS or web maps: You can use the coordinates of 42.322, -84.289  
You can use the intersection of Seymour Rd & Fairlane Dr, Grass Lake, MI 49240, and the sanctuary is across the street. 
You can also plug in the address of 8746 Seymour Rd, Grass Lake, MI 49259, noting that the address is a house west of the sanctuary.
Why we love it: scenic hiking trails and the beautiful hidden lake overlook.
Features: hiking trails, lake overlook, observation area with benches, multiple meadows, and so many wildflowers, trees, and birds for watching
“Big’s Review”: It is really fun when you find the lookout. It is a beautiful place, and more people should come here.
Elizabeth’s Suggestion: Pack some water bottles and snacks, and take a break on the built-in benches at the lake overlook. Visit in multiple seasons to see what wildflowers are blooming!
Toddler Approved? The main wide trails are toddler-friendly. The observation area is perfect for toddlers to run and explore.
Stroller friendly? Not really.
Big Kid Approved? Definitely.
Full Sun or Shade? A good mix of both – depending on when you visit.
Restroom? No restrooms available here.
Cost? Free.
Parking? There are two small lots for parking at the sanctuary entrance. 
Hours: Dusk until dawn.
Website: https://www.haehnlesanctuary.org/

Closing Review: The Haehnle Sanctuary provides many options for your hiking time limits. We have visited for short and long periods, and the views are worth it no matter how much time you have available. Want to surprise your kiddos? Don’t tell them about the lake lookout, and watch their eyes grow big with wonder when you find it during your hike.

Hike a Trail: Haehnle Sanctuary
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