Ready to join me in spreading some joy and holiday giving to our community this holiday season? Last year, we came together for a community donation drive for Birthbrite. It has been heavy on my heart that I haven’t organized an effort for the Wonder and Wander community yet. The past month of my life has been a whirlwind, but I still really wanted to do some good here this holiday season. But just what could that be?

Local Inspiration

Have you seen the newspaper articles about when Meijer surprises shoppers at the checkout by paying for their whole cart of items? Or maybe you have heard of the Detroit Secret Santa who hands out 100-dollar bills to random Detroiters? I am a HUGE fan of random acts of kindness, and after thinking of these two things, I had an idea. What if we all contributed to spreading some Secret Santa joy across our own community?

Introducing: Wonder and Wander – Jackson’s Secret Santa Society

Here’s the Secret Santa Society plan:

  1. I’m kicking off the contributions with $100 from W&W
  2. I am inviting you and everyone in the Wonder and Wander – Jackson community (and beyond) to add their contribution via Venmo (don’t forget – even $1 makes a difference!).
  3. No Venmo? No problem! Reach out to make your contribution with cash or another method.
  4. Contributions will be accepted until December 16 – at that point, I will tally up everything and announce how much we have gathered. 100% of the contributions will go towards acts of kindness.
  5. Next – let the acts of kindness begin! Obviously, the impact we can make is dependent on contributions received, but I hope to be able to donate to two local charities and then use the rest to surprise random people around Jackson County!

So – are you ready to become an official member of the Wonder and Wander – Jackson Secret Santa Society?

Head to Venmo to contribute (just put a Santa emoji in the subject line!)

(Or click here to email me to make other contribution arrangements!)

Thank you for joining me in our efforts to bring joy to others in our community this holiday season! Don’t forget to share this blog post and tag your friends in our social media posts to invite them to join in with this effort!

<3 Elizabeth

Holiday Giving – Wonder and Wander’s Secret Santa Society

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