Wonder and Wander – Jackson is thrilled to announce that we have two new contributors that will be sharing content here on The Adventure Blog! I am so excited to share this space with them, and hope you will enjoy what they have in the works for you. Today, we are introducing Alyssa!

Introducing Alyssa Grant – Wonder and Wander Contributor

My name is Alyssa, & I am terrible at introductions. 
I am introverted & nervous more often than not (it took me way too long to write this). 
I am a coffee addict, pop culture lover, & a silver-lining seeker. 
I genuinely believe there’s something to love in most everything.  

Alyssa and daughter

A little About Me

I was born & raised in the city of Jackson. I grew up in the Cascades area, moved throughout downtown in my early twenties, & lived on the outskirts of the city in my early thirties— Jackson, & the people here, have played a huge role in who I am today. I have a weak spot for history & I am an admirer of architecture- two elements that this city is rich in. A Caramel Apple Macchiato from Musgrove + Company & meeting with friends at Ella has become our ideal morning. I love drinking raspberry lattes from the Jackson Coffee Company & grabbing brunch from the Grand Brewery. I have shared so many laughs within the tables of the Chase & I have walked so many miles through the woods of Dahlem…

So much of this city is my own history & I would never change it. 

I believe there are so many gems within Jackson & one of my favorite things about Wonder & Wander is that she is constantly bringing light to so many of the lovely pieces & people that often go overlooked. 

Alyssa and kiddos

On a more personal note 

I love the arts. Writing is my medium of choice & I think I would collapse to the floor if I wasn’t writing something (also a big fan of the theatrics of life). 

Outside of writing, I also enjoy the visual & performing arts. I danced for many years between Susan Vaughn’s School of Dance, Jackson School of the Arts, & Jackson College. I graduated from Jackson High in 2008 where my love for the arts truly came to fruition. Under the guidance of a very lovely (ironically, science) teacher, I fell in love with photography & painting- I still hold a fondness for both. 

I am always listening to music & I am always searching for my next book to read. 

My self-care comes in the form of watching movies that I will inevitably talk the entire way through & rearranging my furniture so often that life is always a surprise for my husband. 

Speaking of Family 

I met my husband in 2012 & he is my very best friend. We now reside in the Somerset area which feels like the ultimate Michigan experience- surrounded by beautiful lakes & endless trees. I have two beautiful children that are 4 & 2 so I rarely sleep & I rarely sit 😂. I am also the bonus Mom to an almost 9-year-old that keeps me feeling elderly on the regular. 

As a family, we love to be outdoors. We are on the water every chance we get. We love to hike, we love to explore, and we are likely to show up at any event that has rocks or animals (toddler life!). You can find us frequenting parks, museums, & coffee shops (my 4-year-old could give an in-depth review on kid-friendly options for every coffee shop in town. We take hot chocolate very seriously). 

Like many parents, I left my job in 2020 during the pandemic. I was pregnant with my youngest child at this time & it was truly one of the most difficult transitions I have ever made. I did not have a lot of friends with children or anyone that could really relate to the season of life I was traveling through. The loneliness that can often accompany Parenthood, especially as a stay-at-home parent in the midst of a pandemic, can be tragically isolating & indescribably overwhelming. 

Over the past few years, I have made it a goal to connect with other Moms/ Parents. I knew there was no way I was alone in my mental state. I knew there were so many other parents in my same exact pair of shoes trying to figure this all out. I am so thankful to say that I met some of my closest friends during that dark season. 

Introducing Alyssa - pictured with her family

And This is How I Stumbled Upon Wonder & Wander. 

Two other moms & I, all longing for connection in different ways, were looking for different “meet-ups” in the area. We went to a single meet-up & and those two Moms are now some of my favorite Mom friends. We meet frequently, our children are friends, & I feel lucky to know such incredible women. 

I have spent so many years searching for the beauty in this city because it is here. There is so much to offer. The people, the art, the food, the festivals, there is so much here. 

I have also spent countless hours searching for a sense of community for parents here. Elizabeth has created a space that meets all of these needs with Wander & Wonder. 

I am thankful for the sense of community she has built. It really is so special & so needed. I am so honored to be able to assist her in any way that I can. I believe so deeply in all of the work she is doing & I am very thankful to be here. 

Announcing Alyssa Grant
Introducing Alyssa Grant

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Introducing Alyssa Grant – Our New Contributor!

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