Wonder and Wander – Jackson is thrilled to announce that we have two new contributors that will be sharing content here on The Adventure Blog! I am so excited to share this space with them, and hope you will enjoy what they have in the works for you. Today, we are introducing Angela!

Introducing: Angela Hadley – Wonder and Wander Contributor

Hi all! I’m Angela Hadley. I have lived and worked in the Jackson area most of my life. We now call Grass Lake home. I absolutely love the peace and tranquility that comes with small-town living. For fun I love to ride my bike (indoors or outside), spend time with my little family and friends, and read. I am excited (and a little nervous, if I’m honest) to be doing a blog posts for the awesomely creative Wonder And Wander -Jackson! My son (5 in November) and I have enjoyed the content so much that when the opportunity came up to maybe add something to it, I couldn’t resist! So, here goes!

Angela and son dressed as pirates

Angela’s Interests

I love the adventures that Wonder and Wander – Jackson takes on, so I figured I’d dive into where I feel my most adventurous; in the middle of a book! Reading has been my love since before I could make sense of the words and my love for reading has thankfully transferred to my little one. I do feel that consistently reading to and with him since infancy has helped foster that appreciation and love. We often spend our weekends visiting bookstores, libraries, and second-hand stores, in search of books that will allow us to adventure together into worlds unknown. I soak in the moments when he asks, “Can we read one more?” and always feel so connected when we can learn something new together.

In upcoming blog posts, I am excited to share resources including some of our favorite books, low or no-cost resources in the Jackson area to help your little one grow their love and connection to reading, and other fun things we discover along the way.

Here’s to each of you, already seeking out incredible resources like Wonder And Wander – Jackson.

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Introducing: Angela Hadley – Our New Contributor!

One thought on “Introducing: Angela Hadley – Our New Contributor!

  • October 28, 2022 at 1:03 pm

    You are a wonderful Mom and Gman is so lucky to have you!! Graham loves to have books read to him , sing , dance and have fun!
    Angela has a love for reading I do as well but stick with a few authors while she branches out!
    She is always finding fun things to do and I am assuming she finds alot of great adventures with wonder and wonder Jackson!
    Congratulations on your new adventure Angela ! ❤️

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