Just in time for spring break, we are launching our brand new mystery adventures! As a kid, my parents would take my sister and me on “mystery trips,” and we loved them! I have continued the tradition with my kiddos and thought that I would find a way for The Adventure Crew, (that’s you) to participate, too. Mystery Adventures are a fun way for you to get out and explore all of the kid-friendly places Jackson County has to offer with a chance to win some great prizes! 

We are launching Mystery Adventures with Wonder and Wander – Jackson on Saturday, March 26, at the Sandhill Crane Vineyards Sip ‘n Shop! Featuring a variety of makers, artisans, and yours truly, this event goes from 1 to 6 p.m. Check out the Facebook event page for more information.

Here are the steps to participate after you grab a Mystery Adventure Envelope:
Step 1: Scan the QR code on the back of the mystery adventure card, and click the link that pops up to discover your Mystery Adventure Destination. 

Step 2: Visit your Mystery Adventure Destination in person! Don’t forget to take pictures of your group having FUN! 

Step 3: Scan the QR code after your visit to head back to our blog. Leave a comment on the post and let us know what you liked best about the destination that you visited. 

Step 4: DM us a photo from your Mystery Adventure either on our Facebook or Instagram account. You just might be one of the lucky participants that win a prize!

Mystery Adventures will be ongoing for an undetermined amount of time and will be available at other locations after the Sip ‘n Shop. Stay tuned to our social media pages for announcements on where these cards will be available.

Happy adventuring!

Introducing Mystery Adventures with Wonder and Wander – Jackson!

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