It is time to fill up your calendars as storytimes return to the Jackson District Library starting this week!

Per the JDL Social Media Pages:
Storytimes will run weekly from January 10 to February 25 at the following branches:
Henrietta Branch: Tuesdays, 11 AM
Meijer Branch: Wednesdays, 11 AM
Carnegie Library: Thursdays, 10 AM
Brooklyn Branch: Thursdays, 11 AM

Image courtesy of JDL’s Facebook Page

We had a few questions from Wonder and Wander – Jackson followers about storytime and thought this information might help others too – so keep reading if you have storytime questions or if you have never attended before!

Do you have to register to attend?
Nope! No advance registration is required at this time. Choose your date/time/location, and arrive a few minutes early to grab a seat and get settled. Not sure where to go once you arrive? There are plenty of helpful employees at each location to assist you!

Are masks required?
I do not believe masks are required. Some attendees wear them, so do not, so just do what makes you comfortable. In the fall, Little and I regularly attended storytime at the Carnegie Branch, and they did their best to set up socially distanced seating to keep everyone safe.

What happens at storytimes?
Storytimes were on hiatus for much of the pandemic and just returned for the first time in the fall. When Little and I attended, storytimes consisted of a few books that are read aloud (or sometimes told with the aid of a felt board or magnets), movement activities, songs, etc. Typically each storytime has a theme, such as animals or trees, and the stories, movement activities, and songs go along with the theme. 

How long do storytimes last?
Most of the storytimes that we attended lasted for about 15 minutes. If storytime doesn’t hold your child’s attention for that long, you can leave whenever you need to. The librarians running the events are quite used to active toddlers and children attending storytimes! 

How many people attend?
This varies by branch and even varies week to week. Carnegie Library’s storytimes started out with just three children in the fall, and by the last storytime probably had about 20! 

Storytimes are a great way to get out of the house during these cold winter days. They are also a great time to add some more books to your child’s 1000 Books Before Kindergarten reading log! For more information on Jackson District Library’s 1000 Books Before Kindergarten., check out more information here. For more information on storytimes, please contact the Jackson District Library.

Miss Gretchen leads storytime at the Carnegie Library
Jackson District Library Winter Storytimes Return!

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