If you are looking for a kid-friendly destination with lots of adorable animals, hands-on feeding opportunities, and delicious baked goods (for humans) – look no further than Lowry’s Little Flock. Located in Horton, Michigan, Lowry’s Little Flock Farm started as a hobby farm but is now a full-blown fiber-producing operation (and you can purchase these items there, too!). We loved our visit to this kid-friendly destination, and we are so happy to share all of the details with you!

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The Details

Location Name: Lowry’s Little Flock Farm. 
Address: 12201 Sutfin Rd, Horton, MI 49246
Why we love it: cute animals and delicious treats? Do we need to say more?
Features: Llamas, alpacas, ducks, chickens, goats, sheep, pigs, highland cows, and more! Visit the gift shop to find a variety of gift items and delicious homemade baked goods. 
“Big’s Review”: I recommend that you buy a sweet treat from the shop. Bring carrots to feed the animals. I liked visiting this farm.
Elizabeth’s Suggestion: You know those forgotten veggies chilling in your fridge? Pack those to feed the animals! You can also purchase a bucket of grain from the shop so you can feed the hungry crew.
Toddler Approved? Yes
Stroller friendly? Yes – some parts might be a little bumpy, but still doable.
Big Kid Approved? Yes
Full Sun or Shade? Mostly full sun
Restroom? Portable restrooms are available onsite in the summer and fall.
Cost? Free to visit. Items are available for purchase in the gift shop.
Parking? Ample parking along the main entrance.
Hours: Lowry’s Little Flock Farm is typically open most weekends. Hours and dates open do vary – so check their Facebook page for details!
Website: https://www.facebook.com/fiberwoolfarm/

Closing Review: I had this location on our “Must visit” list for a long time because I am a huge fan of llamas and alpacas. Our visit did not disappoint. We brought some carrots to feed the animals, and our family had huge smiles on our faces the whole time. The treats we purchased were delicious, and we cannot wait to go back to visit again. 

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Kid-Friendly Destination – Lowry’s Little Flock Farm

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