Earth Day is here, and it’s the perfect time to pause and celebrate all things Mother Earth. There are plenty of ways to celebrate our Earth, and you know you can count on us to put our kid-friendly local spin on it!

Kid-friendly ways to celebrate Earth Day

Local Events

Attend the 2022 Earth Day Celebration in the Park
Hosted by the Jackson County Conservation District, this event is sure to be a lot of fun! There will be live music by Kevin Nichols, ARK Animal Encounters, educational activities, free document shredding, and more. Earth Day Celebration in the Park will take place on April 23 from 1-4 p.m. at The Cascades. More information can be found here:

Volunteer with Grow Jackson and People For The Parks and Trails
Grow Jackson and People For The Parks and Trails are teaming up for the ultimate ode to Earth Day – prepping the Grow Jackson garden for spring! Volunteers will spread mulch, plant greens, lay irrigation lines, and get things looking sharp! All ages are welcome to help, but please be sure to supervise your children. This event starts on April 23 at 10 a.m. at the MLK Recreation Center (1107 Adrian St.) Details can be found here:

DIY Ideas

Trash Clean-Up
Look around, and you’ll probably notice some trash on the ground. Why not be an Earth Angel, and clean it up? Gather some friends, some gloves, and some garbage bags, and head out on a trash-collecting mission to keep the Earth looking beautiful.

Get Outside
One simple way to celebrate Earth Day is to simply get outside. Choose a new or favorite location, grab the kiddos, and get outside. Talk about your favorite features on Earth – is it trees? Flowers? Insects? Simply spending time outside taking in the beauty around us is sure to instill a love of our planet in the next generation. Bonus points: can you find a heart-shaped object in nature? Maybe this is Earth’s way of showing us her love <3

Read a Book for Inspiration
So many books, so little time. Some of my personal favorites to celebrate the earth and change our perspectives are:

But perhaps my favorite is Miss Rumphius. This book teaches us to put it into our own hands to do something to make the world a more beautiful place. 

So, Adventure Crew, tell us – what will you do to make the Earth a more beautiful place this year on Earth Day?

Kid-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

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