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Learn Something New!

While summer is often filled with lots of time outside, it is also the perfect time to learn something new! Whether you are reading non-fiction text to log those summer reading hours, or you are tackling a new skill like riding a bike, or you are enrolled in fun and engaging classes to learn different techniques, we here at Wonder and Wander – Jackson highly value the importance of stimulating the brains of children in any and every way that doesn’t involve screens!


Kate’s Art School

Located in Brooklyn, Michigan, Kate’s Art School offers youth and adults the perfect way to learn something new through a variety of summer art class offerings. 

Kate’s Art School has an amazing philosophy:

  • Take Many Classes
  • Use Quality Materials
  • Believe in Yourself
  • Learn Theory, Not Just Practice
Image courtesy of Kate’s Art School Instagram Page

When “Big” and I visited Kate’s Art School for the first time, we were greeted by a variety of art materials for purchase in the lobby. Kate herself enrolled us in our upcoming art classes, and “Big” and I can’t wait to get started and further our learning. Kate’s Art Space will be expanding and moving to a larger space in Brooklyn, but I noted that her current space is clean, organized, and inviting.

Kate groups her class offerings by age, and welcomes artists as young as five to her classes. From print-making to pottery, you’ll want to check out the class offerings here. Kate offers courses all year round as well so that you don’t have to limit learning something new to the summer!

Image courtesy of Kate’s Art School Instagram Page

For more information on Kate’s Art School, visit:

Learn Something New: Kate’s Art School
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