McCourtie Park is a charming park full of history. Known for the 17 cement bridges created in the Mexican folk art style of Trabajo Rustico, this park sprawling park has well-maintained greens, mature trees, with some other attractions.

Big and I loved our visit to McCourtie Park, and we wandered throughout the grounds to find all of the bridges. Before we even left the park, Big asked when we could return, exclaiming “I never knew bridges could be so interesting!” This beautiful spot is sure to be a lot of fun for any who likes to wander and explore.

Location Name: McCourtie Park

Address: 10426 S Jackson Rd, Cement City, MI 49233

Why we love it: There is so much to explore! From the playground to the fountains to the cement bridges, you can easily spend a lot of time here wandering and playing throughout the park.

Features: 17 cement bridges, plus some other cement structures, climbing dome, swings, pavilion, tennis courts, ballfield, disc golf course, picnic tables, unique benches, and a stream that runs through the park

“Big’s Review”: This park is perfect because you see so many amazing bridges. You will want to walk over all of them. Pack some snacks and explore the whole park!

Elizabeth’s Suggestion: Pack a picnic and spend the afternoon here exploring. 

Toddler Approved? Yes – this is the perfect spot for toddlers who like to roam free!

Stroller friendly? Some parts of the park are stroller friendly, but the sloping hill and bridges would be difficult to navigate with a stroller.

Big Kid Approved? Yes!

Full Sun or Shade? Ample areas of both

Restroom? Portable restrooms located near the pavilion

Cost? Free

Parking? There are plenty of spots on the dirt access road that leads to the park.

Hours: Dusk until dawn


Closing Review:

Sometimes the best kid-friendly places aren’t the ones with the biggest or most updated playgrounds. Big and I found this to be the case with McCourtie park. From the easy-to-cross bridges to the bridge that takes some balance to navigate, this park held the interest of Big for a solid amount of time (and he wants to go back). It was lovely to see families picnicking, visitors exploring, and even dogs playing in the river. This is one park that we can’t get enough of!

McCourtie Park – Cement City, Michigan
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