We have been keeping a secret from you and waiting for just the right moment to share it. These long winter days filled with gray skies seemed like the perfect time to share what we think is one of Michigan’s best-kept secrets. This secret resource provides you with free or reduced entry to hundreds of spectacular locations around our great state – and all you need to be able to utilize this amazing resource is a library card (also free!). 

Enter: The Michigan Activity Pass

We touched base with Liz Breed, Assistant Director of the Jackson District Library, to gather information about the Michigan Activity Pass. This pass fits perfectly with Wonder and Wander – Jackson’s mission to adventure, explore, and connect. Keep reading to learn all about the Michigan Activity Pass!

-What is the Michigan Activity Pass and how is it used?
Michigan Activity Pass (MAP) allows Michigan residents to “check out” free or discounted admission passes (and other exclusive offers) to hundreds of Michigan state parks, campgrounds, museums, trails, arts & cultural destinations, and more. All you need is a library card!

-How do I access the Michigan Activity Pass?
Here is the info from Jackson District Library’s website with details on how Jackson County residents can access the pass:

-If I don’t have a library card to access the pass, how can I get one?
Here is information on how to get a JDL card: http://myjdl.com/services/cards-accounts/

-Is there a limit to how many times I can use the activity pass?
Patrons can check out one pass per library card every 7 days.

-What are some of the places included in the MAP?
Local Jackson County attractions include Walker Tavern, near Brooklyn, and the Mann House Historic Site, in Concord. Many other locations in Michigan are included such as:
-The Sanilac Petroglyphs Historic Site at Cass City
Tawas Point Lighthouse in East Tawas
-Shepler’s Ferry Service offers discounts on their ferry rides to Mackinac Island. 

We want to know – where are you going to explore first? This database is so full of locations that it can be overwhelming to try to choose! We will continue to share about the MAP here on The Adventure Blog by highlighting some of the places and locations that are included. Make sure you check back here, and on Instagram and Facebook to know when we highlight MAP locations. 

To visit the Michigan Activity Pass website, click here.

Michigan’s Best-Kept Secret: The Michigan Activity Pass

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