It was one of those days, and I was trying to talk Big into going for a hike with me. There were whines, complaints, and lots of general grumpiness, so I knew I needed a gimmick (hey, isn’t that what 90% of parenting is?). I told him I had a special project for us to work on once we got to the trails, and this helped pique his interest just enough to talk him into going with me.

Once we arrived at Dahlem, I told him about our special mission (keep reading – I’ll get there in just a moment!) and he was hooked. It kept him engaged on our hike, helped take his mind off of just how long we were walking, and he couldn’t wait to see our photos once we got back home. Just what was this magical project?

A Rainbow Scavenger Hunt!

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt
What: A rainbow scavenger hunt is simple and easy to do. Search the area around you for one item in nature for every color of the rainbow. 

Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Indigo. Violet.

Where: Any location works. We have tried this out at Dahlem and on the MLK Equality Trail/Falling Waters Trail. 

How: Take a photo of each colored item you find, and make a collage once you have completed the challenge!

When: We have tried the rainbow challenge in both Spring and Summer. Each season presents its own challenges and unique opportunities to find all of the colors!

Bonus Challenge: Provide a camera to each child participating, and see the rainbow scavenger hunt through their eyes.

Make sure once you have completed the challenge to post your pictures on social media, and tag @wonderandwanderjackson so we can see your finds. Use the hashtag #wonderandwanderjacksonrainbowchallenge so we can create a gallery of rainbow images!

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt – Completed at Dahlem in early spring
Rainbow Scavenger Hunt – Completed on the MLK Equality Trail in summer
Outside Activity – Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

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