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Recently, while aimlessly scrolling through Facebook, I came across a post that read: “A library is more than a place to check out book – it’s one of the few public places people can go without the expectation of spending money.” Now I have always loved the public library. Thinking of it as a place that offers respite for those seeking entertainment for themselves or their kids without a cost, has made me even more smitten. 

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As a kid, I remember my Dad taking me to the library and the giddiness that I always felt. At that time (I know I am dating myself here) the internet was relatively new and having Wi-Fi accessible at your fingertips was a long way off. I loved surfing the internet. It felt like a whole new world had opened up for me to explore. After lots of prodding, I would eventually log off and then head to the kids’ area to scoop up a few new books. Of course, I didn’t connect it then, but we were benefitting from the idea mentioned above. That the public library gave us a place to go where we could spend our time on something my Dad and I both enjoyed and it wouldn’t cost us money we couldn’t afford. What a beautiful thing. 

Photo by Angela Hadley

Our Local Public Library

Our local offering, the Jackson District Library, is no exception to this concept. The Jackson District Library has provided Jackson-area residents with services since the mid-1800s. Today, JDL services thousands of Jackson-area residents at 13 locations throughout Jackson county. 

My son and I have made the library part of our regular routine. So much so in fact, that we know our librarians by name and regularly seek out their guidance when looking for our newest adventure. He loves to do the scavenger hunts that are offered throughout the children’s sections at various JDL locations. The simple act of searching out various characters brings us together. We share in the excitement when a new one is discovered taped to the printer or hidden out up on the top shelf. It really is so much more than books. 

Photo by Angela Hadley

For an upcoming adventure, we are excited to check out the library’s most recent collaboration with The Dahlem Environmental Education Center. The newest Storywalk®, installed along the trail at The Dahlem Center, is available to all during trail hours (dawn to dusk). If you haven’t experienced a Storywalk®, now is the time! It’s awesome exercise and adventure, all rolled into one. 

JDL regularly offers events at its various locations for kids and adults alike. Check out more history about the library and all of its events by visiting its page here: https://myjdl.com/.

The Jackson District Library just announced its Winter Story Times schedule!

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The Public Library: So Much More Than Books

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