Have you ever visited the Dahlem Ecology Farm? We know many people have visited the main Dahlem campus, but this hidden gem known as the Dahlem Ecology Farm deserves a post of its own! Located on Wickwire Road, this spot features Community Gardens, the Butterfly Trail (which is Dahlem’s only dog-friendly trail), bee hives, and more! Keep reading to learn more about this beautiful kid-friendly hiking location.

Dahlem Ecology Farm

The Details

Location Name: Dahlem Ecology Farm

Address: 1429 Wickwire Road, Jackson MI 49201

Why we love it: This spot is just a short walk to the beautiful Crouch Creek, which is one of our favorite locations on the Dahlem Property (otherwise this is quite a long hike from the main Dahlem campus). The Community Gardens are beautiful to view and are often filled with beautiful flowers (in addition to many other plants). 

Features: the Butterfly Trail (Dahlem’s only dog-friendly trail), Community Gardens, a trail that leads to Crouch Creek and the main Dahlem Campus, bee hives, beautiful white barns, scenic views

“Big’s Review”: coming soon

Elizabeth’s Suggestion: Are you into gardening? Why not get a plot at the Community Gardens? Information is available here.

Toddler Approved? Yes

Stroller friendly? Parts of this are stroller friendly. The trails in this area are grassier, and on our most recent visit, the grass was on the longer side.

Big Kid Approved? Yes

Full Sun or Shade? A mix of both

Restroom? A portable restroom is available near the parking lot

Cost? Free (donations can be made at the main Dahlem campus)

Parking? Ample parking right near the Community Gardens

Hours: Dawn until dusk

Website: https://www.dahlemcenter.org/community-garden/

Closing Review: Whether you are looking for a dog-friendly trail, to view the Community Gardens, or to hit the trails to pass over Crouch Creek, this spot is for you. Yes, we think the Dahlem Ecology Farm offers a little something for everyone! With scenic views, beautiful white barns, and walkable trails, the Dahlem Ecology Farm is the perfect kid-friendly destination!

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Dahlem Ecology Farm – Kid-Friendly Hikes

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