Located in East Jackson, the Mike Levine Lakelands Trail is part of a 33 mile abandoned rail line converted into a trail. The Herb Amster Memorial Trailhead is the perfect place to take a kid-friendly hike here in Jackson County. If you are in for a really grand adventure, the trail does go all the way to Pinckney. The portion in Jackson is lined with limestone, so be sure to wear footwear appropriate for avoiding rocks in your shoes.

Location Name: Mike Levine Lakelands Trail at the Herb Amster Memorial Trailhead 
Address: 6000 Hawkins Road, Jackson, MI
Why we love it: We love this spot for a few reasons. First, the parking is located close to the trailhead, so it is easy to quickly get underway. You start your hike crossing a gorgeous bridge with scenic views, and can walk for as far you so desire! When we’ve hiked the trail, it has never been very busy, so get out there and enjoy the views and sounds of nature along the way.
Features: 33-mile rail-to-trail path, perfect for walking, biking, and horseback riding. The Her Amster Memorial Trailhead features a portable bathroom, historical signage, ample parking, and is right at the trailhead.
“Big’s Review”: This is a good trail and a nice place.
Elizabeth’s Suggestion: Wear sunscreen and take a sunhat – this trail is mostly full sun! Closed shoes are best to avoid stones sneaking in.
Toddler Approved? Yes! Just watch when you are near the Hawkins Road Crossing – then after that, let them run free!
Stroller friendly? Yes. The limestone is actually quite flat and would be fine for an all-terrain stroller.
Big Kid Approved? Yes
Full Sun or Shade? Mostly full sun
Restroom? One portable toilet is available
Cost? Free
Parking? Ample parking right at the trailhead
Hours: Dusk until dawn
Website: https://mitrails.org/library/magazine_pages_pdf/529%20-%20Huron%20River%20National%20Water%20Trail%20(Lakelands).pdf

Closing Review: If you are looking for a nice and easy kid-friendly hike, Mike Levine Lakelands Trail is the perfect place to go! With a wide trail and a rural location, you are bound to see wildlife and native plants and trees, making the experience even better. Pack some water, throw on your shoes, and head to this trail for a peaceful hike.

Hike a Trail: Mike Levine Lakelands Trail at the Herb Amster Memorial Trailhead

2 thoughts on “Hike a Trail: Mike Levine Lakelands Trail at the Herb Amster Memorial Trailhead

  • January 20, 2022 at 10:08 am

    I love this trail with my kiddo. The only thing I would add to this is that it’s not a loop trail, meaning you’ll likely walk for a bit and turn back. I generally walk for about 30 minutes and then turn around, for a total of a 1-hour walk.

    Also, the mosquitos were beyond voracious on this trail, even in the full sun, so bring bug spray too!

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