“Top Kid-friendly Parks to Visit This Summer” – Location Number One:

Swain Memorial Park

We discovered Swain Memorial Park, thanks to one of our Instagram followers, and soon after we received the recommendation, “Big” and I headed out to Brooklyn to take a look for ourselves. As soon as we crossed the bridge to enter, “Big” was sold and he took off running to explore all of the equipment. Swain Memorial Park has to be one of the prettiest parks in Jackson County. The park has a beautiful stream running alongside it, tall and mature trees offering plenty of shade, lush green grass, plenty of room to explore, and playground equipment that is in great condition. Within days of our first visit, we were back to play again!

Location Name: Swain Memorial Park

Address: Google Maps lists the Swain Memorial Park on the map, but does not provide an actual address for the park. Swain Memorial Park is located right behind the Wesco in Brooklyn, Michigan, and when we visited, we used the address of Wesco to help us find the park. Wesco is located at 10409 Brooklyn Rd, Brooklyn, MI 49230.

Why we love it: Beautiful and well-kept grounds, tons of playground equipment, in a quiet setting

Features: Toddler play area, big kid play area, swings galore, merry-go-round, metal slide, basketball court, pavilion with picnic tables, ample green space, and a stream running alongside the park

“Big’s Review”: I’d say it’s a really good park because of the merry-go-round. It has good equipment. I’d give it 4/5 stars.

Elizabeth’s Suggestion: Pack some snacks and water bottles for the kids, get yourself a coffee, and sit back and relax while the kiddos play

Toddler Approved? YES! There is a toddler play area complete with a climber, and a few other features. There is also one bucket seat swing.

Stroller friendly? Yes

Big Kid Approved? 100%, yes.

Full Sun or Shade? Lots of shade, but you will find some full sun too.

Restroom? There are two restrooms in the building by the basketball court.

Cost? Free

Parking? Park in the dirt lot behind Wesco – there are plenty of spaces!

Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Website: Visit https://www.villageofbrooklyn.com/parkreserve.html to reserve the pavilion at this park.

Closing Review: “Big” has already asked to go back, again, and I’m happy to oblige because this is a beautiful park! He will see you on the merry-go-round, I’ll see you in the shade!

Park Review: Swain Memorial Park
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