Mother Nature is finally blasting us with some snow, so it’s time to plan some winter fun! Here on The Adventure Blog, we’ve shared some ideas for winter activities, and we have scoured the archives to capture all of that content in one handy-dandy post. And – bonus – keep reading to the bottom for a few brand-new additions!

Winter Sports in Jackson County and Beyond

Did you know that you can rent snowshoes at Dahlem? Looking for the best local sledding hills? Planning to be adventurous and venture outside of the area? We’ve brought you some cool ideas for winter fun in this blast from the past – The Wonder of the Winter Olympics – Winter Fun in Jackson County and Beyond. (Editor’s note – we’re not sure that the Grass Lake rink has been set up this year – so if you’re looking for ice skating opportunities, head over to Optimist Ice Arena!)

Outdoor Adventures and Activities for Kids in Winter

In another blast from the past from The Adventure Blog archives, we’re resharing a two-part series from The Dahlem Center. In part one of this series, Dahlem shared great tips for heading outside for winter fun. In part two of this series, Dahlem shared inspiration for fun outdoor activities in winter! If you become snowed in this weekend, be sure to try these fun activities!

Winter Storytimes with JDL

Once the plows have cleared the roads, why not head to the library for story time? Jackson District Library’s winter storytimes are scheduled for January 8 to May 18 at branches all over the county. We previously shared some FAQs about storytime and thought they would be great to share again!

Image courtesy of JDL’s Facebook Page

Do you have to register to attend?

Nope! Advance registration is not required. Choose your date/time/location, and arrive a few minutes early to grab a seat and get settled. Not sure where to go once you arrive? There are plenty of helpful employees at each location to assist you!

What happens at storytimes?

When Little and I attended, storytimes consisted of a few books that were read aloud (or sometimes told with the aid of a felt board or magnets), movement activities, songs, etc. Typically each storytime has a theme, such as animals or trees, and the stories, movement activities, and songs go along with the theme. 

How long do storytimes last?

Most of the storytimes that we attended lasted for about 15 minutes. If storytime doesn’t hold your child’s attention for that long, you can leave whenever you need to. The librarians quite used to active toddlers and children attending storytimes! 

How many people attend?

This varies by branch and even varies week to week.

Storytimes are a great way to get out of the house during these cold winter days. They are also a great time to add some more books to your child’s 1000 Books Before Kindergarten reading log! For more information on Jackson District Library’s 1000 Books Before Kindergarten, check out more information here. For more information on storytimes, please contact the Jackson District Library.

Turn Snow into Snowcream!

One our our favorite activities to add some fun to a snowy winter day is to make snow cream! When the snow starts falling, place a bowl in a safe spot in your yard (hint: far away from your dog’s favorite patch of last if you catch our drift…). Let the snow collect, and when your bowl is full, bring it inside to mix the ingredients. All you need are three simple ingredients – snow, milk, and sugar. We love this easy recipe from Little Cooks Reading Books.

Snowcream – photo by Wonder and Wander – Jackson

Order Some New Snow Toys

Looking to make a bunch of snowballs for an epic snow battle? We love these snowball makers! Both Big and Little tried them out, and both were successful in using them effectively. Bonus – this set comes with four, so invite your neighbors over to join in the fun!

Snowball makers!

Why not add some whimsy to your neighborhood but creating a bunch of adorable snow penguins? You may remember this mold from our social media video a few years ago, but we love having this adorable mold available when it snows.

Want to make the perfect snowman? Why not grab this easy-to-use snoman decorating kit? You’ll definitely have the fanciest snowman in town.

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Winter Fun!

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